SiS 648, P4S8X: success (not total, but still good)

David Monniaux David.Monniaux at
Thu Feb 27 01:22:19 CET 2003


Just to let you know that i2c-sis645.o seems to work with the SiS 648 
(SiS 648 north bridge, SiS 963 south bridge) provided a little patch is 

Just a few notes:
i2c-sis645.o: Found SiS963 south bridge.
i2c-sis645.o: Attempting to enable SiS645 SMBus device
PCI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin B of device 00:02.1. Please try 
using pci=biosirq.
i2c-sis645.o: SiS645 SMBus base address: 0xe600
i2c-sis645.o: SiS645 bus detected and initialized.

This is with <PnP OS: No> in the BIOS. If I set this to "Yes", none of 
my peripheral gets IRQs!

After a few manipulations, the sensors program wouldn't respond. I've 
rebooted since.

On this ASUS P4S8X motherboard, none of the fan inputs seems to work. 
It's probably due to the Q-Fan (auto-adjusting fan speed) feature of the 
motherboard. I don't know how the BIOS reads the fan speed.

I don't even know how to probe peripherals on the SMbus to check whether 
there is some custom chip for the fan!

D. Monniaux

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