[Fwd: Broken link on web page] VIA datasheets

Mark Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Tue Jan 21 20:08:48 CET 2003

It's still in our pkg (ltc1710.c) but we removed it from mkpatch because
it isn't likely to be on a PC motherboard and it's undetectable.

Jean Delvare wrote:
> > thanks for tackling this.
> > You can of course check in updates as you go if you like.
> > Given that suppliers update their web pages frequently
> > it may make sense just to link to their home page rather
> > than try to reference a datasheet page in particular.
> > Especially since many have a form on the home page you can
> > type a part number into to get info.
> Well I try to have something as convenient as possible for the users
> (including us, after all). And I also try to reward companies that have
> a great support on their site. When it isn't possible, I simply link to
> the homepage, and we're done.
> BTW, the list says we support one "Linear Technologies" chipset
> (LTC1710) but there's no trace about it in the source code, except in
> the README file. And the CHANGES file mentions: "Remove ltc1710;" (when
> 2.6.0 was released). So I guess that the chipset has been supported for
> a while but we have dropped support now? In this case, I'll remove from
> the list (both on the webpage and in the README file).
> --
> Jean Delvare
> http://www.ensicaen.ismra.fr/~delvare/

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