Mark D. Studebaker mds at
Thu Jul 3 04:05:02 CEST 2003

I vote for texi because I have it, never got docbook working.

About my only formatting requirement is that the individual questions
are numbered, which makes email and ticket answers easy
("see FAQ #4.21")

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>Some weeks ago, I started converting the FAQ to docbook by hand as an
>>exercise in learning docbook.  I'm sure there are 1001 texi-2-XML
>>tools, but doing it quickly wasn't the point at the time.  You can see
>>the results here:
>>The HTML is there, along with a tarball of what I used to get there.
>>There is also a list of RedHat 9 RPMS that I installed.  I've learned
>>as much about docbook as I intended without ever finishing this... but
>>if you think it's an improvement I'll keep on it.  FWIW I think the
>>source is easier to read than texi.
> I don't mind if we use texi or docbook, as long as there is one single
> root document that can be converted to both plain text and HTML. I would
> tend to think that XML is good (tm) and should be used as often as
> possible, but since Crazy Pete did it as texi at a time none of us was
> interested in doing anything, I'd keep it this way until we have a
> strong reason for switching to any other system.

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