PCA9555 Driver

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Fri Jul 4 20:52:11 CEST 2003

Not aware of anyone working on a driver.
We'll add an entry to the new drivers page.
See doc/developers/new-drivers and our Documentation page for more info.
Be sure and start with CVS.

MonMotha wrote:
> I was curious if any work had been done on a Phillips PCA9555 driver.  
> It's not listed anywhere on the new drivers page, but the developer docs 
> reccomended asking first to make sure we don't have two people both 
> simultaneously working on the wheel.
> This is a rather simple Phillips chip that provides 16 GP totem-pole 
> inputs/outputs.  It's not quite as simple as the PCF8574 (it actually 
> has config registers, GASP!), but should be quite doable.
> If there's no driver written or in progress, I can go ahead and write 
> one. Though pointers on where to look for examples/general docs would be 
> useful.  Due to it's similar functionality, I was going to use the 
> PCF8574 driver as a template, referring to other drivers to keep the 
> general structure the same.
> Please CC me in any replies if this is a reply-to list list as I'm not 
> on the list (well, how many times can we use the word "list" in one 
> sentence?)
> --MonMotha

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