lm_sensors2 i2c-nforce2.c diff to compile with kernel 2.5.74(-mm1)

Jalon Q. Zimmerman jalonz at coldworld.net
Sun Jul 6 06:25:58 CEST 2003

I dont know if this has been done already, but I thought it might 
possibly help.

I pulled lm_sensors2 from CVS and modified "i2c-nforce2.c" to compile 
cleanly in kernel 2.5.74-mm1.

I dropped "i2c-nforce2.c" in "/usr/src/linux/drivers/i2c/busses/" and 
hacked the local Makefile to compile it.

I am unable to compile working userspace lm_sensors utils with this 
kernel, so I cant test it. I assume this is normal until a new 
lm_sensors and i2c is released?

This is the first C patch I ever sent anyone so I hope its ok. If I 
could have created the patch with better diff arguments, etc. please let 
me know.




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