stdarg.h inclusion problem (ticket #1343)

Fabrice Ollivier fabrice at
Tue Jul 22 13:17:24 CEST 2003

> Can you force make to use bash as its shell (uncomment the SHELL= line
> at the beginning of the Makefile)? Does it work?
Hehe, no :)

> Or maybe its is caused by a too recent gcc version (no idea why though),
> could you try an older one? You seem to have many versions of gcc on
> your system.

It try with gcc 3.3 , 3.2 ,3.0 and 2.95 : no result.

Are you sure the bug come from that ? I had the same problem with i2c 
CVS and it have been fix (but I don't know how and i can't remember 
when, maybe one week or two, but maybe more).


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