solved ticket 1344

Rainer Lay Rainer.Lay at
Tue Jul 22 16:09:56 CEST 2003

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>I switched module compilation of, since I already compiled them with
>>the kernel.
> I'm not sure I get you. If you followed my installation guide, the
> modules you had in the kernel were the I2C ones only, not the LM Sensors
> one. Or did you also applied a patch to include the LM Sensors module
> into the kernel?

My mistake: I didn't distinguish between I2C modules and LM_Sensors
modules. So I THOUGHT, I had the lm_sensors modules already and thus
didn't want to compile them again and thus switching off kernel module
Now I switched it on again and it worked.

>>Your Makefile is not creating sensors.h, since it is not
>>included in the SRCDIRS variable.
> You're right, that's the way it is.
>>After switching on kernel module compilation, the header file is 
>>created. This solution is not really nice, since it would overwrite
>>the already created modules.
> As said in the Makefile, you are not supposed to change that variable.
> You should have been using "make user" and "make user_install" instead.

Right. My mistake.

> However, I agree that there is something to fix there. If we can't use
> the var it should be removed. If we want to be able to use it, we have
> to fix it. An opinion anyone?

In my honest opinion: fix it or remove it. Otherwise you will get more
silly mails like mine :-)

kind regards
and thanx for your work!


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