as99127f pwm registers

Jean Delvare khali at
Thu Jul 24 15:32:36 CEST 2003

Just one more thing:

> AS99127F_1 & AS99127F_2 & ASB100:
> - if (IOByte($4F,$0,IORead)=$12) or (IOByte($4F,$0,IORead)=$C3)
>   then AS99127F_1
> - if (IOByte($4F,$0,IORead)=$5C) or (IOByte($4F,$0,IORead)=$A3)
>   then AS99127F_2

The AS99127F_2 Vendor ID you give here is Winbond's one! Are you sure?

> and finally the voltages, this is where there is a diffrence between
> the 2 AS99127F versions:
> AS99127F_1:
> V0V6=($25*(-0.016))*3.97
> V0V7=($26*(-0.016))*1.503
> AS99127F_2:
> V1V6=(($25*0.016)-3.6)*5.14+3.6
> V1V7=(($26*0.016)-3.6)*3.14+3.6

This is exactly the same difference there is between W83781D and

If what you say is right (and I'm confident in you), the AS99127F_2 has
the same device ID as the W83782D (except maybe the LSB, so $30 and
$31), the same vendor ID and the same V6 and V7 formulae. So, is there
any reason to make any difference between these two chips?

(The only difference I can see is that original winbond chips hold their
I2C address at register $48, and Asus ones don't seem too. However, we
never had a AS99127F_2 in our hands, so maybe Asus made it right for
this one? Any insight welcome.)

Thanks again Alex.

Jean Delvare

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