error: "SMBus collision!"/"sending abort" in 2.6.0test2

Charles Lepple clepple at
Wed Jul 30 03:35:35 CEST 2003

I accidentally started up two copies of a sensord-for-2.6 kludge (just 
cats a bunch of /sys nodes, and jams the results into rrdtool). A 
little while after I started the second copy, I started seeing this in 
my kern.log:

Jul 29 21:19:45 vole kernel: i2c_adapter i2c-0:  SMBus collision!
Jul 29 21:19:46 vole kernel: i2c_adapter i2c-0: : Sending abort.
Jul 29 21:20:17 vole last message repeated 52 times

removing the modules didn't help-- nothing showed up in 
/sys/bus/i2c/devices afterwards.



Charles Lepple <clepple at>

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