Fwd: ls_sensors, fscscy.o & watchdog

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jun 3 23:16:45 CEST 2003


> > > Do you mean that the 6th bit has no effect, or that setting it to 1
> > > disables the watchdog?
> > 5th, not 6th
> 6th, I insist. Bit number 5 is the 6th bit. You usually start numbering
> with 0, but the "zeroth bit" makes no sense to me (although the word do
> exist). Or maybe is it just me? Let's call it the bit accounting for 32
> :)


> > Seems it disables the watchdog, at least when i set it, bit 4 has no
> > effect. So only 'working' values for me were 16 and 144 (=128+16), for
> > other values it does nothing when the counter reach 0.
> > (at least i see nothing happening)
> Any idea what the 5 other bits are meant for?

actually the question is what are the other 7 bits for...
the only we know is the one with value 16 (0x10), the rest is mistic...

> > i hope it helps somebody... before i started to experiment on a live
> > production server i searched through the net for this info
> > but found nothing :(
> How does it feel to be a pioneer? ;)

Ask that ~700 users asking me 'what the hell is with our server now?
i can't read my emails!' while i'm keep resetting the system :)
(probably i should have answer them: i'm reverse engineering a watch-dog,
please be patient :))

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