w83781d hangs on i2c bus driver

Mark M. Hoffman mhoffman at lightlink.com
Wed Jun 4 05:07:38 CEST 2003

* Mark D. Studebaker <mds at paradyne.com> [2003-06-03 22:41:20 -0400]:
> Works fine on ISA.
> If you modprobe an i2c bus driver after w83781d is modprobed, the bus 
> driver modprobe hangs,
> presumably while w83781d is scanning the bus.
> If you modprobe w83781d after an i2c bus driver is modprobed, the w83781d 
> modprobe hangs.
> Any ideas let us know.

I assume you're talking about lk2-4, not the 2.5 stuff that recently
went to lkml.

I haven't ever been able to load lk2-4 w83781d.o.  The symptoms are
similar: it hangs as soon as I modprobe it (with I2C adapter).  I'll
try to debug that one so you can hack on the other chips I don't
have. :)


Mark M. Hoffman
mhoffman at lightlink.com

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