configuration question

Charles Holbrook cholbrook at
Wed Jun 11 00:59:33 CEST 2003

I have written a script that calls sensors parses the data and then
loads that data into a MIB tree with either ucd or net SNMP.  I have run
into a small problem with the via686a chipset though.  In all other
chipset configs you can set an inX even if that chipset doesn't
monitor(causing either a bad or null value to be returned)  However with
the via686a chipset I have not been able to figure out for the life of
me how to do that.  The reason I am trying to create placeholders for
all values that can be monitored is so that the same MIB structure would
apply across all systems.

. is -5V on a system with the
w83627hf-isa-0290 chipset and even if it wasn't there I could add a line
for in6 creating that value.

. on a via686a motherboard will return a
fan RPM speed.

Because of this difference I cannot actually use this to get any usefull
data from my server cluster.  Having a mib return different values
depending on the chipset is a bad bad thing.  Is there a set command I
can use in the config script to force the via686a configuration to
insert a line for -12V or for that matter any place holder I want to

Thanks in advance.

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