lm-sensors and thinkpad

Fredrick Backman fred at lateral.net
Thu Jun 12 17:48:42 CEST 2003

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Fred,
> Thanks a lot for your report! I was wondering which of ACPI and DMI
> detection methods was the best, that's why I placed this request in our
> detection script, that appears if both method succeed but don't give the
> same answer. It seems that on your system, the DMI method gives a more
> interesting result than the ACPI one.
> If you are wanting to try anyway, just let us known and we'll tell you
> how to bypass the security mechanism. Of course, we won't be responsible
> if anything bad happens then. If you succeed, you'll be a hero and we'll
> add you name in the credits ;) Well, sounds much like Mission:
> Impossible, isn't it. The good thing if you try and succeed is that we
> could then let people having the same laptop as you run lm_sensors.
> So, just let us know if you want to dive in.

I think I'll put a lid on my curiousness and keep my laptop as it is :-)

However, I am still interested in getting the module working for our 
servers and when/if I get this working (or if I don't) I'll let you know.


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