Fix fan speeds on ADM1026

Philip Pokorny ppokorny at
Thu Jun 12 18:24:42 CEST 2003

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>Jerome Hsiao @ Arima pointed out to me that the fan speeds from the 
>>ADM1026 driver were not consistent with other drivers.
>>Seems that most (all?) drivers assume two pulses per rev from the
>>  I expected that users would need to use a "compute" directive to 
>>modify the fan speed for the number of pulses-per-rev of their fans. 
>>(All the fans I use are 4 ppr so I'm always having to "compute" a 
>>correct value.)
>>But it's not consistent with the other drives...
>>So here is a patch to fix the ADM1026 so it reports fan speeds 
>>consistent with the other drivers...
>>This was done against CVS...
> Well, that's what fanX_div is meant for. As far as I know, the number of
> pulse/rotation depends mostly on the fan itself, not on the monitoring
> chipset. That's why we let the users change the fanX_div value through
> the config file.
> Maybe there's actually something to be fixed in the adm1026 driver, but
> maybe this is just a matter of setting the right fanX_div for unregular
> fans.

No, fan_div doesn't work that way in practice.

Most (all?) drivers include fan_div in the conversion from counts to 
RPM.  That means that when you change fan_div the RPM reading stays the 

In practice, changing fan_div affects the minimum detectable fan speed 
and the precision of the measured fan speed.

With a 22.5kHz clock, and assuming 2 pulse/rev fans, you get the following:

                Min    Typ    Significant Bits in Count
     Fan Div    254    153     3000   4400   10k 4ppr
     -------- ------ ------   ------ ------  ---------
        1      2657   4411     7.81   7.26     5.08
        2      1329   2206     6.81   6.26     4.08
        4       664   1103     5.81   5.26     3.08
        8       332    551     4.81   4.26     2.08

At a fan_div setting of 8, the 10k, 4ppr fan is only gating 4 counts on 
average giving fan readings of:  14063 (3), 10547 (4), 8437 (5) 
depending on how many counts you got that sample.  Clearly, you want to 
set the fan_div as low as possible and still detect your fans.


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