pci_module_init problems

Mark D. Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Sat Jun 14 20:35:55 CEST 2003

i2c-voodoo3 doesn't load for me on a system with a Banshee.
I triple-checked the pci_device_id table.
voodoo3_probe() is never called and pci_module_init returns -ENODEV.

i2c-viapro works for me on a 8233 system (ID 1106:3074).
But on a 686a system (ID 1106:3057)
it doesn't load. Again I rechecked the ID.

CVS sensors-detect still finds these devices but the
CVS modules won't load.
These both worked in 2.7.0.

What's not right with the pci_device_id table or with

modultils version 2.4.22.

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