Mark Studebaker mds at
Mon Jun 30 19:45:12 CEST 2003

If you think it looks better then go ahead and check it in.
See instructions in doc/Makefile.
The version is totally arbitrary. If you want to advance it to 2.8 go ahead.

Jean Delvare wrote:
> I think that we should regenerate the HTML (and possibly text) version
> of our FAQ using a newer texinfo. I gave it a try and the HTML code
> seems to have been greatly improved.
> And, by the way, why is the faq version set to 2.0? It should be either
> 2.7.0 (or 2.8.0 by now) if it is supposed to match the lm_sensors
> release number (I don't think it is) or 2.9 if it has its own numbering
> scheme.
> Pete, what are we supposed to fill in the EDITION and VERSION fields of
> version.texi? (I mean, what's the difference between these fields?)
> Also, don't you want your name to be mentioned in the file? You did a
> great job!
> --
> Jean Delvare

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