modprobe fails on i2c-piix4

Thomas Nilsen thomas.nilsen at
Wed Mar 12 22:39:17 CET 2003

Downloaded 2.7.0 of lm_sensors and 2.7.0 of i2c and compiled on a RedHat 7.3
with kernel/source 2.4.18-26.7

"make" and "make install" works fine, but when doing a depmod -ae the
following is logged:

[root at santa 2.4.18-26.7.x]# depmod -ae
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
depmod:         dmi_scan_mach
depmod:         dmi_ident

I see that the i2c-piix4 module is part of the lm_sensors code, and not the
i2c code. So even after doing a make and make install on the lm_sensors
code, depmod -a still fails with the same error as above.

I also see that the dmi_scan.c is not compiled during lm_sensor compilation.
All other objects are generated in the ./lm_sensors-2.7.0/kernel/busses.

I also get a lot of "grep: /lib/modules/2.4.18-26.7.x/build/.config: No such
file or directory" when issuing make on both i2c and lm_sensors. It still
compiles without errors.
What could be causing this?

Regards, Thomas

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