PC97317 support.

Reid Sutherland reid at vianet.ca
Wed Mar 19 13:56:15 CET 2003

Mark Studebaker wrote:
> doesn't appear that this chip has any sensors in it so why would we support it?

Agreed.  I guess I shouldn't blindly listen to the Dell people when they 
tell me what chip is used for environment monitoring.  They obviously 
don't know :)

My apologies.



> Reid Sutherland wrote:
>>I'm just curious if you plan on adding support for the National Semi.
>>PC97317 and it's family.  These chips are in most modern Dell servers AFAIK.
>>I found the datasheet which indicates all the appropriate registers and
>>the like.  Since I'm very timmid when it comes to playing with stuff
>>such as this, I can't offer very much programming help.  But I can offer
>>hardware with this chip for testing (must remain here, remote access only).
>>Would any of this be of any help?
>>Take care,


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