IBM x345

Peter Stelmachovic stelmo at
Wed Mar 19 16:37:45 CET 2003


my name is Peter Stelmachovic and I am  a sort of admin at our 
I have a question concerning the IBM X345 server. The server has an 
Integrated system management processor (ISMP) H8S2148
for health monitoring. What I would like to know whether the chip is 
by lm_sensors or if at least you know anything about it.

I know that there is a RSA Adapter which can communicate with the H8 
chip and that
there are linux drivers (written  by IBM) for the adapter. But we do 
not have that adapter so what I am asking is if there is a possibility 
how to use the H8 chip or at least how to read the health status 
without the RSA Adapter.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day

Peter Stelmachovic


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