lm sensors sysfs file structure

Jan Dittmer j.dittmer at portrix.net
Thu Mar 27 13:27:17 CET 2003

Martin Schlemmer wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 12:46, Jan Dittmer wrote:
>>Greg KH wrote:
>>>True, but multi-valued files are not allowed in sysfs.  It's especially
>>>obnoxious that you have 3 value files when you read them, but only
>>>expect 2 values for writing.  The way I split up the values in the
>>>lm75.c driver shows a user exactly which values  are writable, and
>>>enforces this on the file system level.
> Right, can we just get this finalised soon ?  Not much fun in redoing
> something 2 times already ;)

Btw., why is temperature conversion done twice? First time in kernel 
space and then with the help of sensors.conf again in user space?
Wouldn't it be much nicer to move this to the drivers? So there would be 
no need anymore to do this in userspace and one could rely on the values
found in sysfs?!



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