New i2c bus driver for S3/VIA chipsets

Vergonet, Henk henk.vergonet at
Mon May 19 19:25:11 CEST 2003

Gentlemen (women?), 

I would like to submit a new i2c backend driver (GPL), can you give me a
on how to get this in the standard lm_sensors development tree?

Is there a public mailing list I could send the code as an atachment?

Can you reserve a adaptor ID for this hardware driver? For example:

#define I2C_HW_B_S3VIA	0x13	/* S3VIA ProSavage adapter		*/

Kind Regards,

Henk Vergonet

/*  18-05-2003 - created
 *  This driver interfaces to the I2C bus of the VIA north bridge embedded
 *  ProSavage4/8 devices. Usefull for gaining access to the TV Encoder
 *  Two serial busses are implemented:
 *   SERIAL1 - I2C serial communications interface
 *   SERIAL2 - DDC2 monitor communications interface
 *  Should work for these graphics cores (and possibly others):
 *   S3/VIA KM266/VT8375 aka ProSavage8
 *   S3/VIA KM133/VT8365 aka Savage4
 *  Only tested on a FX41 mainboard, see

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