Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Nov 1 12:18:32 CET 2003

> Bios ACPI : PTLTD	
> Thinkpad T22
> DMI : 1GET31WW (1.11)

Could you please download and run vpddecode, from the dmidecode package?

This is a new tool for IBM systems identification. I plan to use it to
allow lm_sensors to be used on known-to-be-safe Thinkpads, but it hasn't
been tested heavily yet.

> It does not want to go, saying that ibm systems are known to be
> unstable with lm_sensors.
> No chance for me :)

The T22 is one of these Thinkpads with a problematic chip on it. I
suggest you forget about lm_sensors, unless you like playing with fire.

Jean Delvare

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