[PATCH] - i2c virtual adapter driver for multiplexed busses

Brian Kuschak bkuschak at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 22:03:29 CET 2003

Hi Greg, Mark,

As described in a previous email to this list, this is
a patch for simplified access to multiplexed i2c
busses.  A documentation file is included, as well as
an example (i2c-virtual_cb.c) of how to implement the
mux-control callbacks.

Tested on a heavily patched 2.4.19 kernel on embedded
PowerPC.  However, this patch is against a clean
kernel.org 2.4.19 tree.  I don't have the bandwidth to
port this to 2.6.0 right now, but I wanted to make it
available in case someone else finds it useful. 

Comments/feedback welcome.

Brian Kuschak

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