lm_sensors2/prog/dump i2cbusses.c

Mark Studebaker mds at paradyne.com
Fri Nov 28 00:32:29 CET 2003

The 2.6 i2c-dev bus numbers don't necessarily match i2c-adapter bus
If you rmmod and re-insmod a bus driver, the driver seems to get its old
i2c-dev bus number back. But the i2c-adapter number increments.
Don't know why. It would be much better if they matched.

Most userspace tools need the i2c-dev numbers since they are going
to use /dev/i2c-x devices to access the bus.

The bus numbers reported by libsensors apps are the i2c-adapter numbers.
I think it has to be that way since we don't need i2c-dev and therefore
can't count on it being installed.

So you can't take a bus number from 'sensors' and then take that
number and use it in 'i2cdump', for example.

author at mordac.netroedge.com wrote:
> Update of /home/cvs/lm_sensors2/prog/dump
> In directory mordac.netroedge.com:/tmp/cvs-serv14049
> Modified Files:
>         i2cbusses.c
> Log Message:
> (mds) report i2c-dev bus numbers rather than i2c-adapter numbers,
>       which may be different.

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