Via KT600 as I2C controller

Mark Studebaker mds at
Sun Nov 30 02:41:32 CET 2003

right, c mode won't work except on eeproms.
s mode won't generally work on most chips, I was wrong in saying it
But it shouldn't panic.
Block transactions aren't well-tested in general.
Glanced at i2c-viapro.c, nothing jumped out at me.

Jean Delvare wrote:
> > thanks. would you please download the latest lm_sensors CVS
> > and compile the userspace tools with 2.6 support
> > (make user and make user_install)
> > and use i2cdetect and i2cdump to test the driver.
> > use all modes of i2cdump that work (b,w,c,s)
> > On a DIMM eeprom, for example, all modes should return the
> > same data.
> I don't have DIMM eeproms on my i2c-viapro bus, so I tried on an
> as99127f. b produces a good dump, c doesn't. The byte at 0x00 (value
> 0xbd) is repeated everywhere. I guess this is expected because the chip
> doesn't have autoincrement? s gave me a kernel panic (stack trashed with
> 0xbd). w is OK (each byte is repeated twice to form a word).
> --
> Jean Delvare

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