i2c for Alpha

Philip Edelbrock phil at edgedesign.us
Tue Oct 14 01:17:30 CEST 2003

The I2C controller usually lives on the south bridge (the chip which has 
the slower I/O, like IDE, ISA, etc.).

Usually there are people maintaining kernels used for 'unusual' 
architectures (like PPC), you might see if there is someone who is 
patching and maintaining a stable 64-bit Alpha kernel for your 
application.  They'd be a good place to ask more general questions.  
Here's a good canidate I found with a quick Google search:



Jeff Sacksteder wrote:

>>Most (all?) of the code is CPU independant.  You'll need to figure out
>>what the I2C/SMBus host is and see if it is supported
>I suppose I should start by asking has anyone has built it successfully on any 
>64-bit platform- Alpha, Itanium or AMD?
>My operating assumption is that I will use the i2c package to patch my kernel, 
>replacing the existing i2c code with the current rev. I can then build the 
>sensors package to create the user programs to manipulate the hardware.
>This mainboard has an Intel chipset of some sort on it- possibly PIIX4. It 
>says PCIset on it, not AGPset. Not sure what chipset that is. Actually has 
>USB in the chip, though there are no physical bus connections to add devices.
>Does the I2C controller live in there(Intel chipset)?

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