Question about sensors

Jean Delvare khali at
Mon Oct 20 20:47:35 CEST 2003

> I still have a very old mainboard in use for a server (Asus 
> P55T2T4S, Intel chipset 430HX according to ASUS. Do you 
> have any tips, which modules I should use, because sendors-
> detect does not detect any sensors.

I guess you actually mean T2P4. I don't think there is hardware
monitoring on this model. I have a similar one (P55T2P4) sleeping in a
box somewhere, if I ever setup a system on it I'll give it a try - but
frankly, hardware monitoring became widely available starting with the
430TX chipset, so I don't expect sensors-detect to find anything on it.

Jean Delvare

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