[Fwd: sensors, kernel 2.4.19, bttv ...]

Pascal Ronecker pascal.ronecker at centrale-lille.net
Mon Oct 27 22:27:57 CET 2003

You're right : it is done, and it works !
Thanks for all, 

I only have a few tweaks to do with the new kernel (udma support seem
lazy, I missed a step somwhere as usually, but that's another short
story :-) )

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 22:10, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > I'll finally upgrade to 2.4.22 kernel, to use the provided patch.
> > But before doing that - as it is not that quick (recompiling nvidia
> > drivers, alsa drivers, and what more?) : i'm using also lirc... and it
> > seems that it requires also a patch. Will it be that complicated ?
> There is a specific patch for lirc, that you'll find on the very same
> page as the main patch. Both 0.6.6 and CVS versions are supported. So,
> no, it shouldn't be difficult at all.

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