Fujitsu Siemens sensor HERMES

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Tue Oct 28 00:22:03 CET 2003


Jean Delvare wrote:

>>Attached you'll find the updated patch.
> Great. Looks really good. I've taken out the sensors-detect part, since
> I had already added support for the Hermes some weeks ago (amazing how
> we came to the very same function, almost to the byte). I've also fixed
> a few typos in the docs, reformatted things a bit to conform to the
> project standards (if there is such a thing). I obviously should have
> told you that part of the docs is generated from the code (insmod
> parameters, /proc files list).

Please tell me.

> I couldn't test your driver (don't have the hardware) but I read it
> quickly and I believe it's ready for integration. I've committed your
> work to our CVS repository, and updated our webpage to reflect that.
> Good job!


> Still there are two things that I would like to hear you about:
> 1* In the docs, you say that fans have a programmable divider of 1, 2 or
> 4. I can't see how one could change that divider. Am I missing
> something?

RPM value can be devided by 1, 2 or 4 if the ripple pre scaler is set to 2, 4 
or 8 (see LIMITATIONS).

> 2* In the driver itself, the hexadecimal mask 0x9b in fscher_in() would
> probably need some comment. The choice of that value isn't obvious.
> Others masks are simple enough to be guessed or at least trusted at
> first sight, but this one isn't IMHO.

The mask cares for the reserved bits 2, 5 and 6.

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