fan2 readout on Chaintech MB

Jean Delvare khali at
Wed Sep 17 22:51:26 CEST 2003

> I have been trying to use recent CVS version. I update CVS whenever I 
> can with cvs update -d, I did not updated just lm90 or any file
> separately.
> My install procedure goes like this(Mandrake 9.1):
> 1. vanilla 2.4.22 kernel
> 2. con kolivas 2.4.22-ck2 patch set
> 3. patching kernel with i2c and lm_sensors
> 4. loading my kernel config file
> 5. compiling and installing kernel
> 6. reboot
> 7. cd into lm_sensors, make and make install
> 8. /prog/detect/sensors-detect
> 9. then I edit modules and modules.conf as suggested
> 10. reboot
> 11. Gkrellm, KSensors or just sensors
> I have used con kolivas ck1 patchset on previous lm_sensors config.

What's inside that patchset? Anything related to either ACL or GRSEC?

Can you remember all changes that occured between when "sensors -s" was
working OK, and when it wasn't anymore? I'd appreciate if you could take
all the steps back to a state where "sensors -s" works again. If we
could isolate the problem, we would have a chance to understand it.

> Unfortunately I have had some problems with 166MHz FSB jumper on my 
> motherboard and I have RMA the board. I thing that replacment/new
> board will arrive next week so I can't do more testing now :-((

No problem, I am busy myself and most of the lm_sensors developers also

> As soone as I get it working again I will do more testing.

OK, thanks.

Jean Delvare

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