Centrino (855PM, ICH4-M): 82801DBM w/o LPC Bridge/SMBus?

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Apr 12 18:33:07 CEST 2004

> OK, so I was blind.

OK, let's form a club ;) Looks like we both like replying to ourselves

> The LPC I/C has moved from 24c0 (801DB) to 24cc
> (82801DBM). I checked the specs at Intel and found that my SMBus is
> disabled wrt to the PCI configuration space, but the I/O space is
> accessible, e.g. the SMBus is there but hidden ...
> What is the best way to proceed? I found a module that deals with a
> similar problem for the DB on ASUS P4B. Should this be dealt with the
> same way? Then I could add 82801DBM support into i2c-i801.c and
> sensors-detect.

Step 1 is to check that the p4b_smbus trick works for you. Just change
the relevant define and try (see my other post).

If step 1 is successfull, i2c-i801.c should work out of the box (it's
the same SMBus device after all). So there is no step 2 ;) Ditto for
sensors-detect, it should work out of the box (we just can chanhge the
description string from "DB" to "DB/DBM").

If it works (whether or not you actually find something on the bus), we
of course want to do update the files in our CVS repository.

Jean Delvare

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