Support question: segault in sensors

Phil phil at
Thu Aug 12 23:45:40 CEST 2004


How are you concluding my version mismatch?

Here is my dmesg output:
i2c-core.o: i2c core module version 2.8.7 (20040611)
i2c-i801 version 2.8.7 (20040611)
i2c-isa.o version 2.8.7 (20040611)
i2c-proc.o version 2.8.7 (20040611)
adm1025.o version 2.8.7 (20040611)
eeprom.o version 2.8.7 (20040611)
smsc47m1.o version 2.8.7 (20040611)

I installed i2c v2.8.7 with lm_sensors 2.8.7, could there be a mismatch from
something already present in the Kernel source?  I don't understand where
the mismatch is....

I can't recompile my kernel, as it is patched to run some proprietary
hardware, and the patch is not available for anything newer.  I didn't have
i2c support enabled in the kernel, so I used "method 1" to build i2c &
lm_sensors.  Where did I go wrong?

Thanks for the help.  Sorry about any problems my "non-ascii-art" caused.
It has been disabled.


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> I2c modules versions mismatch. Same as tickets 1741 and 1750.
> Check versions with dmesg after you loaded the modules.
> Please explain how you installed your kernel, i2c and lm_sensors, and
> I'll tell you were you failed.
> At any rate, mixing such an old kernel with such a recent lm_sensors is
> not recommended.
> Oh, and would you please avoid ASCII art (or actually non-ASCII art,
> which is even worse) in your "From:" field. This is a mailing-list, not
> #warlordz.
> Thanks.
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