hello, i've got a problem with

Marcin Szarek sysadm at o2.pl
Wed Dec 1 14:31:02 CET 2004


First of all I'd like to congratulate you your lm_sensors project, and
thank for your job.

I've just get a new machine (tuned PC) designed for building network
monitoring and managing station. Motherboard is Gigabyte GA8 I875 with
chip IT8712F. OS is Fedora Core 3 with Linux kernel 2.6.9. I've
succesfully installed lm_sensors.
But, unfortunately though I try to tune my sensors.conf for couple of
days, I'm still in place where I haven't a clue what is temp1, temp2 and
temp3. As far as I have tested "temp3" seems like CPU temperature (the
value rises when I unplug the CPU fan), but this parameter value still
doesn't agree with that which one can see in BIOS health monitor (BIOS
shows ~51C and lm_sensors ~43C). Maybe I need some compute formula? How
to discover/calculate such formula?
However temp1 and temp2 still are totally mysterious to me. How can I
discover what are these all tempX parameters? How to set up proper
compute formulas?

Please help me guys!

best regards

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