Ticket 1833

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Dec 6 20:23:34 CET 2004

Hi Steven,

(Many, many thanks to the FNAL for nedit! I simply couldn't live without
it. You might not have suspected it so far but you have actually been
sponsoring the lm_sensors project for a while ;))

> According to winbond web site there are a couple of new chips 
> they recently released:
> http://www.winbond.com.tw/E-WINBONDHTM/team/news.asp#03
> Either W83627EHF or W83792D.  
> Any chance the chip is one of them?

The W83627EHF is most probably a variant of the W83627HF or THF, so it
would be a Super-I/O chip. Since you already have an HF chip it wouldn't
make much sense. Unless of course the HF is a misdetection and is
actually an EHF. Without a datasheet we cannot say.

We could probably take a guess if you would provide dumps for all three
isadump 0x295 0x296 (assuming that the Super-I/O chip is at 0x290)
i2cdump 0 0x2c
i2cdump 0 0x2f

One of the I2C chips is obviously an "alias" of the Super-I/O chip, this
should help find out which actually is.

The W83792D sounds much more credible to me. Again without a datasheet
we cannot confirm. However, Winbond themselves are working on a driver,
and said they would release a datasheet soon. Let's just wait until they
are done.

Stay tuned! :)

Jean Delvare

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