[PATCH] prog/init/lm_sensors.init: reduce verbosity, MAKEDEV, usage and other minor cleanups

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Tue Dec 7 10:33:53 CET 2004

Hi Philip,

> This patch has me thinking...
> What do people think about changing the format of the
> sysconfig/lm_sensors config file from
> MODULE_0=i2c-i801
> MODULE_1=i2c-isa
> MODULE_2=lm85
> MODULE_3=eeprom
> MODULE_4=w83781d
> to
> BUSES="i2c-i801 i2c-isa"
> MODULES="lm85 eeprom w83781d"

The names you pick are confusing. Bus drivers are modules too. BUSES and
CHIPS would be better.

> If we did this, then we could get rid of the confusing and obscure
> backticks and eval in the module loading loop, replacing it with
> something simple like:
>   for module in $MODULES ; do
>      echo -n __$module__
>      modprobe $module
>   done
> Which seems much clearer to me.

Agreed. However, I wonder why things were done that way in the first
place. Were we following some Red Hat standard? I have no Red Hat-like
system to verify that. If there is no standard to follow, any code
simplification is welcome.


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