pwm fan control with IT8705F I/O chip it87 module

Troy Will troydwill at
Wed Dec 8 03:17:33 CET 2004

Dear Mark,
I have read doc/chips/it87. However, I believe the
docs are wrong. I wrote the original author of it87,
and he wrote me that he has not been involved with it
for a number of years. Also, there was a posting on
the sensors mailing list that there is no pwm support
for with the it87 module.

Are you yourself using the it87 module that comes with
lmsensors, and if so are you able to control the fan
speed with it? I haven't read any accounts of anyone
controlling a pwm fan with the it87 module, and I'd
say I've spent at least 5 hours scouring the mailing
list archives and googling the net. A patch to it87
enabling pwm has been submitted but has not been put


--- Mark Studebaker <mds4 at> wrote:

> doc/chips/it87 explains how to configure PWM.

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