Call for 2.9.0

Mark Studebaker mds4 at
Thu Dec 9 02:05:43 CET 2004

1) are you working on sensors README/QUICKSTART/INSTALL updates or are you looking for volunteers?

2) i2c-virtual and pca954x are checked in but not in the Makefiles, pending i2c-core changes required.
   I can do the core changes before or after 2.9.0. Attached is the i2c-core patch,
   slimmed down from that received from Brian Kuschak.
   It's really only two changes:
	- creating xxx_nolock versions of some calls
	- working up the bus tree for busy checks, using i2c_virt_parent()

   Not sure I like the i2c_virt_parent() hack (see kernel/include/i2c-virtual.h in sensors for the definition)
   and trying to think of a better way to do it.

   Anyway, comments on the patch and on the timing (before or after 2.9.0) welcome.


Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like us to release i2c 2.9.0 (and obviously lm_sensors 2.9.0)
> quite soon now. Before the end of the year would be great.
> I am done with restoring the compatibility with Linux 2.4. I have an
> update of my installation guide [1] ready (not online yet) for 2.9.0.
> This should have been done one year ago, so better release it as soon as
> possible now.
> I would like everyone using lm_sensors on a 2.4 kernel on a regular
> basis to give a try to i2c-CVS and lm_sensors-CVS now, and report if
> problems arise. This is the biggest change to i2c since 2.8.0 so it
> deserves some texting before we release it.
> This also suggests that no more big changes to the CVS repositories
> should be committed until after the release (unless anyone has prepared
> something for a long time and commits them in the next few days).
> Thanks,
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