Regardding Ticket #: 1791

Yani Ioannou yani.ioannou at
Sun Dec 12 11:48:23 CET 2004

Hi Jonathan,

You can try the bmcsensors driver - this should be able to read the
temperatures (amongst other sensors) from the motherboard. For Kernel
2.4.x the bmcsensors driver is included in the standard lm_sensors,
however for kernel 2.6.x a port has been made but is not included in
the standard lm_sensors (kernel). See for more information.

Let me know how it goes - I need more feedback on how well (or not)
the ported driver works on different IPMI implementations.
Unfortunatley i havn't got around to updating the path to apply to
more recent (2.6.8+) kernels, but I will get around to this shortly. I
want to incorporate any changes made to the 2.4 version before doing
so and that takes time (the patch probably applies cleanly/with easy
modifications to more recent kernels itself).


On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 09:12:24 +0200 (CEST), Jean Delvare
<khali at> wrote:
> >I sent you information about where to download source code for a IPMI
> >bus. I have a question, Should I be able to get the temperature readings
> >through lm_sensors if the driver works or am I supposed to find another
> >program?
> I don't know. All I vaguely know is that we have drivers named i2c-ipmi,
> i2c-ipmb and bmcsensors which I think can be used to access the IPMI
> data. I have no idea how well they work nor whether you need additional
> stuff to get them to work. I never had to use this myself.
> Jean

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