New sensors web site (was Re: 2nd mail archive?)

Philip Edelbrock phil at
Wed Dec 15 19:27:19 CET 2004

Jean Delvare wrote:
> [...]
> Viewcvs?
> (e.g.
> Seems to support Subversion as well.

That's another option, although I couldn't see how to download tarballs. 
(not critical)

>[...]Searching in it is especially cumbersome, I think.
> That's true but OTOH people are used to bugzilla because several major
> projects use it (linux kernel, mozilla, xmms and more). I think it can
> be configured and maybe the overkill features can be disabled in our
> case. It's certainly worth giving it a try. If someone can think of
> something as efficient but lighter, I'm listening.

I'm not opposed to bugzilla if it is the best option.  Especially if we 
can start with a simplified version and grow into it's more advanced 

Lots of interesting options on Freshmeat, but of course most solutions 
are somebody's half-baked weekend project written over a weekend in Ada 
for their Amiga. ;')

But, take a look at this:

It happens to cover most of the things we were discussing, and a few 
more we hadn't thought of (like project time line, changeset summary, 
etc.)  A few shortfalls, but might be adaptable... just kicking around 
some thoughts.

> Oh, I would consider it a GREAT benefit if it were possible to import our
> existing 2500 tickets in the new support system and keep the numbering
> intact.

Yes!  If the new system uses a SQL backend (like my favorite 
PostgreSQL), then it shouldn't be too bad to figure out how to import 
all the existing tickets in.


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