EP-9NDA3+ w/ Winbond W83627THF LPC

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Dec 19 14:06:15 CET 2004

Hi again Erek,

> Explanation was: the W83627THF is on secondary Super-I/O address
> (0x4e/0x4f), and the driver doesn't support that.
> The driver would need to be updated in the same way I did for the
> pc87360.

I have come up with a very simplified patch that would do that. Not
exactly elegant but it keeps the changes to a minimum. The one I worked
on while we were on IRC was really too complex and had drawbacks too.

I have attached the patch to this mail, could you please give it a try?
It should apply to your kernel just fine (to the original file
of course, not the one we modified together). If it works I'll push it
to Greg for inclusion into the main kernel tree, and will also backport
it to our lm_sensors CVS repository.

I also have a second patch (attached too) which partly rewrites the way
the VID pins (nominal CPU core voltage) are read on the W83627THF (the
chip you have). I would be grateful if you could give a try to this one
too (again, should apply fine to your kernel on top of the first
one of this mail) and report if VID value is still OK for you. The patch
drops useless code and adds additional validity checks and support for
VRM 10 (6-bit VID values).

Jean Delvare
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