Call for 2.9.0

Jean Delvare khali at
Wed Dec 22 22:41:18 CET 2004

Quoting myself:

> Can we schedule a release for next week?

I just verified compatibility with old kernels back to 2.4.10, and
commited a couple trivial fixes for this. 2.4.9 is no longer supported,
as it would require more work than is worth (most notably because
MODULE_LICENSE doesn't exist back there).

I also reviewed the documentation and updated it where needed, most
notably to reflect the fact that 2.4.10 is now the oldest supported
kernel, and also to discard references to the now gone bttv
compatibility issue.

I think we are ready for a release. Libsensors version will need a bump,
not exactly sure if we would number it 3.0.7 or 3.1.0.

I will be mostly away from the Internet for the next few days. Feel free
to release while I am gone unless a problem arise.

Jean Delvare

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