Fujitsu Siemens sensor HERMES

Jean Delvare khali at
Tue Feb 3 19:15:36 CET 2004

> > It seems, that you've used the latest driver file, I've sent, where
> > all occurances of simple_stroul() put their result into a variable
> > of type 'unsigned long' (instead of int) and where set_fan_div()
> > outputs this message
> > 
> > 	dev_info(&client->adapter->dev, "fan_div value %ld not
> > 	supported. Choose one of 2, 4 or 8!\n", v);
> > 
> > when it is called with an unsupported div value.
> You mean that I have *not* being using it. Shame on me. I'll
> reintegrate these changes into my version, sorry. Nice catching by the
> way. I'm glad to see you're keeping a serious eye on me.

Done, with a bit of shaping to keep it in the Good Coding Style (TM).
New version attached.

> > Temp1/CPU:      failed
> > Temp2/MB:       failed
> > Temp3/AUX:      failed

There was a wrong magnitude in libsensors (statuses are not real
temperatures so a magnitude of 3 wasn't a very subtle choice, my bad).
Fixed in CVS, if you care to try.

> > ERROR: Can't get FAN1 data!
> > ERROR: Can't get FAN2 data!
> > ERROR: Can't get FAN3 data!
> > (...)
> > How can I set pwm* with 'sensors -s', as it gives me
> > Error: Line 1589: Unknown feature name
> > Error: Line 1590: Unknown feature name
> > Error: Line 1591: Unknown feature name
> > when I enable those lines in 'sensors.conf'.

Your driver is in fact mixing fan mins and pwm, while these are
completely different things. I just realize now that the Hermes doesn't
have PWM capabilities (at least according to your 2.4 driver
documentation and the data sheet). PWM designates the possibility to
regulate the fan speed. fan mins are limits under which fan alarms
trigger. The Hermes has fan mins, bot no PWM. So, whatever you have been
trying to do, it is obviously not correct.

Please replace your set_pwm and get_pwm functions with set_fan_min and
show_fan_min. show_fan_min should look much like show_fan_input. I leave
set_fan_min to you. Rename sysfs files accoringly. Remember that these
sysfs files deal with RPM values, not raw register values as you were
doing with pwm.

You'll also need to provide a diff against etc/

Feel free to ask questions if needed. I admit I'm quite surprized that
you had difficulties on this since it's not supposed to be complex.
Sorry for not noticing and telling you before.

Jean Delvare
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