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Jean Delvare wrote:

>>I can't speak for Scylla, as I don't own it's specs.
> Oh, OK. Ignore my question in the other mail then, please.

Well, I could ask my contact person at FSC, but he is on vaccation till mid of 
February. Would you like a copy of the Poseidon spec too?

>>>I don't quite agree with you. They documented the limitation, this
>>>sounds like a piece of advice to driver programers.
>>I don't think so. SystemGuard doesn't even give a warning, when one
>>allows the fans to turn off.
> OK, as you feel then. After all, you're the first user of your driver,
> so I can assume you know what you're doing.

The BIOS sets reasonable values and the default sensors.conf doesn't override 
them. Maybe a "WARNING: read documentation or you may damage your system!" 
might be useful to add to the configuration file, heading the supplied sample 

>>>>This means renaming the procfs files to pwm, doesn't it?
>>Nonsense! procfs has all information in one file, so there is nothing
>>to rename.
> No. All information *was* in one file. pwm should now be moved to a
> separate file, with a single value.

Now, I've got the point :-))

>>>>I don't think, that it would be good idea to rename every fan_min to
>>>>pwm, as there would then no longer be a relationship to the
>>>Well, in this case, rewrite the documentation as well. Doesn't sound
>>I ment the specification from FSC. But you are right: I still have to
>>update the documentation for sysfs.
> Ideally, you should first update the doc file as found in our package,
> then submit a modified version (with sysfs information instead of
> procfs) for inclusion into Linux 2.6. I think these have to be two
> different files (although with a common part) since they document two
> different versions of the driver that live in different places.


>>If I got anything wrong, please point me to the locations, where I
>>need to make changes.
> All you have to do is split pwm into a different file in the 2.4 driver,
> and update the rest of the driver accordingly. This will require changes
> to be made to libsensors, and possibly sensors too, and I'll do them.
> This may sound like much work for nothing, and I agree we could do
> without it. But since we're at cleaning the driver, let's do it
> completely.

I don't mind to work on this. It was just not clear to me, what I should 
change in 2.4.x. But now it is :-)

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