Hangs with w83781d

Keith Duthie psycho at albatross.co.nz
Fri Feb 20 11:09:36 CET 2004

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Jean Delvare wrote:

> > In recent versions of lm_sensors, once I load the w83781d driver, apm
> > suspend stops working (immediately resumes), and I've experienced a
> > number of hangs that must be related to this.
> >
> > The problem exists in 2.6.5 and 2.7.0, but does not exist in 2.6.3.
> >
> > The kernel I'm using is 2.4.20 (with the ext3 and ptrace patches); the
> > motherboard is an abit bx6-r2 with the most recent bios.
> >
> > Gcc is 2.95.3, binutils is, make is 2.79.1.
> >
> >
> > I'm currently using i2c and lm_sensors 2.7.0 with the 2.6.3 w83781d
> > module, and have noticed no problems so far since downgrading w83781d.
> Thanks for the report. I2C and LM Sensors drivers are being completely
> rewritten these days, for future incorporation into Linux 2.5. Thus, we
> don't have much time left for bughunting. If you can live with your
> current configuration, just don't touch anything ;) I think it's better
> now to wait for the drivers to be incorporated into the main kernel
> tree, and test them again then. If the problem still occurs at this
> time, please let us know and we'll investigate.

I've finally gotten around to upgrading my kernel, and the immediate
resume problem also exists in kernel 2.6.3. I've tracked down the problem
to the line

w83781d_write_value(client, W83781D_REG_IRQ, 0x41);

in the file w83781d.c, introduced in lm_sensors 2.6.4; with this line
commented out, suspend works fine again.

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