W83L785R Support

Colin O'Flynn coflynn at newae.com
Sat Feb 21 14:28:14 CET 2004


The CVS of RivaTuner works, thanks for the tip! I got it compiled up and 
inserted the modules - 3 new I2C buses show up in I2C detect, with one of 
them having two devices on it (one device is the W83L785R - yes!), one having 
nothing on it, and one having an EEPROM, and a DDC Monitor (from 
sensors-detect). (this is after I set the W83L785R back on the I2C bus on the 
video card itself)

So now I have it setup the way it should be (as far as detecting stuff)... BTW 
I'm going to send all this information to thee nvclock project, he has an 
overclocking utility and wanted to add the ability to monitor temperatures, 

Now just need to get/make the drivers for the W83L785R...

> I2cdetect is a misnomer. It doesn't detect busses, it lists the one that
> have been registered (i.e. have a driver loaded for them).

Ah OK, thanks for the explanation. So I was using the tools wrong... (as I 
sorta suspected).

Warm Regards,


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