i2c-amd756 and dual opteron sensors not found

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Tue Feb 24 19:58:30 CET 2004

> the mainboard is ms-9131 has amd 8111 & 8113 and winbond w83627hf-aw

Please edit sensors-detect. Look for the W83627THF definition array, and
edit it:

  name => "Winbond W83627THF Super IO Sensors",
  driver => "w83627hf",
  addrreg => 0x2e,
  exitreg => 0x2e,
  datareg => 0x2f,
  enter => [0x87, 0x87],
  devidreg => 0x20,
  devid => 0x82,
           ^^^^ write 0x90 instead
  logdevreg => 0x07,
  logdev => 0x0b,
  actreg => 0x30,
  actmask => 0x01,
  basereg => 0x60,
  exit => 0xaa,

Then run sensors detect again and say Y to Super-I/O. Let me know if
sensors-detect now detects it.


Jean Delvare

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