Mike Fedyk mfedyk at matchmail.com
Fri Feb 27 19:16:42 CET 2004

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Quoting Greg KH <greg at kroah.com>:
>>Anyway, I think all you need to do is get the cvs tree of the
>>lmsensors package.  Sensors people, the needed changes are commited
>>into the tree, right?
> No. The changes are waiting in my local repository, ready to be applied.
> I didn't want to apply them because we were supposed to release
> lm_sensors 2.8.5 (for Linux 2.6.3 users) and the sysfs names change
> wouldn't belong there.
> The libsensors patches are available on my personal server here:
> http://jdelvare.net1.nerim.net/sensors/
> Apply both patches in order and you'll get a 2.6.3-mm4-compliant
> library.
> I will apply the libsensors changes to the CVS repository as soon as the
> kernel modules changes are accepted into Linus' tree. If we did not
> release a new version since there, I'll take a CVS snapshot right
> before so that Linux 2.6.3 users have a usable version available (but
> my preference strongly goes to releasing 2.8.5 instead).

You have to be kidding me.  Are you saying that with your patches to 
libsensors it won't support 2.6.3 style sensor sysfs names?

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