i2c-amd756 and dual opteron sensors not foun

Mark Studebaker mds4 at verizon.net
Sat Feb 28 16:46:36 CET 2004

I agree w/ Khali; we would really like to know what super i/o chip is in there
(w83627thf or ...), if you could look at the board and tell us
that would be a big help.

Jean Delvare wrote:
>>Thanks so much for the help. I will try get to look at the physical 
>>machine myself this weekend to make sure, but the PDFs  clearly show
>>it being a 8111. I will also look at the bios (i had someone else
>>look before).
> I do not doubt there is a 8111 on-board. The output of "lspci" clearly
> states this. The first question is: why does the smbus part of it
> doesn't show in lspci? The second is: what hardware monitoring chip do
> you have, and were is it located? From our point of view, the 8111 is
> simply a bus. It doesn't provide any sensor value per se.
> Summary (admitting you do have a sensor chip somewhere): either the chip
> is on the 8111 and the challenge is to enable the 8111. Either the chip
> is a Super-I/O or ISA chip, and we need to know what chip it is or we
> cannot do anything.
> Good luck ;)

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