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Berni b-gruber at gmx.de
Thu Jan 1 12:02:21 CET 2004

Dear Jean Delvare,

am Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2004 um 08:10 schrieben Sie:

JD> So I invite you to submit a file names proposal on this list, as
JD> detailed as possible when it comes to the reasons of your choices each
JD> time it isn't obvious (and possibly even when it seems to be). We'll
JD> discuss it together to make sure it will be a safe base for future video
JD> drivers as well, and then you can go coding ;)

JD> Thanks.

Well...actually I think we need the following new names:
1. switch_ntsc : To tell the bt869 to output either ntsc or pal
(1=NTSC, 0=PAL)
2. switch_colorbars : 1 to turn on colorbars calibration screen and 0
to turn it off
3. change_colordepth : To change the color depth (for Voodoo3 there's
only 16 and 24bit for TV-Out-Mode, other would have 32bit here, too)
4. change_resolution[1-2] : 1 for the width(x) and 2 for the height(y)
5. switch_half_resolution : Switch to turn on the Half-Resolution-Mode
(this is a special mode which can't be merged with switch_resolution!)
6. switch_output_format : 2=RGB, 1=SVIDEO, 0=Composite

There's also a status[0-2] in there (read-only), but I couldn't figure
out what exactly this is for. It is used but as it seems it's only for
driver-internal things and not really for the end-user...Perhaps you could
take a look over it!

Bernhard Gruber
mailto:b-gruber at gmx.de

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