lm_sensors && bt869

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Jan 1 13:19:38 CET 2004

> Well...actually I think we need the following new names:
> 1. switch_ntsc : To tell the bt869 to output either ntsc or pal
> (1=NTSC, 0=PAL)

I'd call the file "output_norm".

> 2. switch_colorbars : 1 to turn on colorbars calibration screen and 0
> to turn it off

Not sure about this one, I think I'd simply call it "colorbars".

> 3. change_colordepth : To change the color depth (for Voodoo3 there's
> only 16 and 24bit for TV-Out-Mode, other would have 32bit here, too)

This is "colordepth".

> 4. change_resolution[1-2] : 1 for the width(x) and 2 for the height(y)

I would say "output_width" and "output_height".

> 5. switch_half_resolution : Switch to turn on the Half-Resolution-Mode
> (this is a special mode which can't be merged with switch_resolution!)

"half_resolution" ?

> 6. switch_output_format : 2=RGB, 1=SVIDEO, 0=Composite

Using "format" is a bit confusing IMHO. What about "output_source"? (Oh
well this is maybe even more confusing...)

As a general rule, you don't want to prepend the action to the file

> There's also a status[0-2] in there (read-only), but I couldn't figure
> out what exactly this is for. It is used but as it seems it's only for
> driver-internal things and not really for the end-user...Perhaps you
> could take a look over it!

Well, without the hardware I probably won't help much - and I don't
really plan to read the full data sheet ;) Don't know what to do with
these. If it's not a "public" think, we don't care much, except that it
might conflict with something else someday... Do as you want. If it's
not widely used, this also mean we can change it later if needed.

Jean Delvare

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